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The “immunity debt”

A recent News article: "Immunity debt" suggests that much of what we are seeing this fall (2022) relates to a lack of our immune systems seeing many viruses during the Covid-19 pandemic while masking was widespread. The idea of an "immunity debt" - where our immune...

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Reactive airways

See also: How Long Does A Cough Last? The most common feature of Covid-19 and the recent wave of cold/flu this fall is "reactive airways," which is like a temporary cough-variant asthma with inflammation in the lungs. The most typical symptom is "coughing fits,"...

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Covid vaccines – no increase in miscarriage

There have been two substantial studies published recently regarding miscarriage and vaccination - one in JAMA in September 2021 and one in the the New England Journal of Medicine in October 2021. In the JAMA study, they used a case-control surveillance model from the...

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Are COVID-19 vaccines safe in pregnancy?

Thank you to my colleague in Ontario, Dr. Ramona Coelho for preparing the resources below regarding Covid vaccination in pregnancy:  Many women have reached out concerned about fertility concerns and breastfeeding related to the vaccine for Covid-19. In a large...

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Long Covid – frequency and severity

Summary (detailed description below) Pharmacist Nickonchuk and his family medicine colleagues have summarized below the results from 4 systematic reviews and some newer cohort studies showing women, older people and those with worse initial infections are more likely...

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