Westglen Medical Centre | 108 – 30 Springborough Blvd SW, Calgary, AB, T3H 0N9 | Hours |Call: 403-240-2221

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To make an appointment, call our receptionist at 403-240-2221.  Alternatively you can book online here.

For those already registered for Medeo, Dr. Bouchard can send secure messages to you via the Medeo secure portal.

For more information, please email us at: admin@bouchardmedicalhome.com

For Emergencies: Call 911 or proceed to the nearest Emergency department.

For general advice after hours Call Healthlink

Emergency departments are for those who are seriously ill or injured, with potentially life-threatening conditions.  For up to date wait times for Emergency and Urgent Care departments, please click here.

Smart phone App can also be downloaded. 

Urgent care departments (open until 11pm) are for non life-threatening illnesses or injuries that require same-day treatment.   Common conditions treated in an urgent care centre include: broken bones, sprains, cuts, asthma , dehydration, pain, and infections.

HealthLink is a free telephone advice service from an experienced Registered Nurse.  They can advise on:

  • health concerns or symptoms
  • treating conditions such as colds and flu, fever, ear aches, rashes, and; many other conditions
  • the most appropriate health care option, if you need further follow up for your condition

Anyone in Alberta with a health concern can dial 811 for Health Link.


MyHealthAlberta is a joint initiative from the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services.

This website provides information on a variety of health issues including information about treatments, medications and health alerts: Health A-Z, Tests and Treatments guides, Medication guides, Health services, Health Alerts, Decision tools, Health checkup tools.

MyHealthRecords is a secure tool to access your investigations and vaccinations.  It requires registration with a valid Alberta ID (like a driver’s license) to access this account.


Public Health Centres are staffed by Registered Nurses who provide: Vaccinations, Postpartum checkups, Bereavement services, School health resources.

There are many other community care public health and wellness programs available. The South Calgary Health Centre (just above the Urgent Care on the 2nd floor) is located at 31 Sunpark Plaza SE, 403-943-9500 .

There is a Pharmasave next door to Westglen Medical Centre, the Pharmacist Warren is a great resource!
Your local pharmacist can also provide a number of valuable resources:

  • Renewing prescriptions for current and ongoing medications to make sure there are no interruptions 
  • Offer over the counter treatments for minor conditions, such as coughs and colds
  • Provide information about medication interactions and dosing instructions
  • Monitor and manage chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure
  • Help with weight loss and smoking cessation programs

The Alberta College of Pharmacists website can provide you with names of some pharmacists.