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Covid vaccines – no increase in miscarriage

By Dr. Thomas Bouchard

There have been two substantial studies published recently regarding miscarriage and vaccination – one in JAMA in September 2021 and one in the the New England Journal of Medicine in October 2021.

In the JAMA study, they used a case-control surveillance model from the Vaccine Safety Datalink in collaboration with CDC in US women.  They evaluated the odds of miscarriage after receiving a Covid vaccine (within 28 days).  There was no increased odds of having a miscarriage after receiving the Covid vaccination in this sample of over 100,000 pregnancies analyzed.

In the NEJM study, including researchers from Ottawa, the US and Norway, they also used a case-control model looking at Norwegian women (a sample of over 18,000 pregnancies analyzed).  In this study, the odds of miscarriage was also not increased in those having received a Covid vaccination in the past 3 to 5 weeks.

Given the large sample sizes of these studies, their case-control design and population-based approach, this can provide ample reassurance to those worried about miscarriage risk related to the Covid vaccine.

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