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Are COVID-19 vaccines safe in pregnancy?

By Dr. Thomas Bouchard

Thank you to my colleague in Ontario, Dr. Ramona Coelho for preparing the resources below regarding Covid vaccination in pregnancy: 

Many women have reached out concerned about fertility concerns and breastfeeding related to the vaccine for Covid-19.

In a large collection of recent data, pregnant women who contract covid have a death rate 1/1000 and a risk of hospitalization of 17 percent from covid illness. This is largely a healthy subgroup of the population. Of these, 97 percent were unvaccinated

Regarding pregnancy complications and miscarriages for those who have the vaccine, the chance of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications are similar between vaccinated and unvaccinated. However, the unvaccinated women are more likely to get COVID and have higher risk of complications as a result of COVID. In addition, prior mRNA clinical trials for Ebola and SARs have also not shown any effect on fertility. (References are below)



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