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Family-Centred Care, In Person and Online

Many health concerns can be dealt with efficiently and effectively with secure messaging or with a telephone call.

Dr. Bouchard will also regularly provide general advice and updates on his research projects in the Health Advice Library to help optimize your health.


New in the Health Library

Same-Day Appointments, From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many doctor’s appointments do not require an in-person visit to the doctor’s office.

General health questions, prescription refills, referrals and many more of your health concerns can be addressed safely and effectively with a same-day video or telephone appointment with Dr. Bouchard.

Take advantage of all the convenient ways to contact and meet with your doctor:

  • secure messaging
  • telephone advice
  • videoconferencing appointments

In-Office Follow-Ups Always Available

If you’re already one of Dr. Bouchard’s patients, you’ll always have access to in-person office appointments like you always have.

Some types of medical concerns, of course, cannot be effectively resolved through an online appointment.

For health concerns that require an in-person physical examination, you can simply book an in-person office visit.

The online appointment will help us to decide which of your concerns are best addressed in person, and which concerns can be addressed with a virtual appointment—potentially saving you a trip to the office.

Meet Dr. Bouchard

After completing his undergraduate at McGill University, Dr. Thomas Bouchard spent three years doing research on dementia in Parkinson’s disease at the University of Alberta.  He then completed medical school and residency at the University of Calgary.

He now practices general family medicine at Westglen Medical Centre and geriatric care at two nursing homes.

He is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary and enjoys teaching medical students and residents. His special interests include primary care approaches to fertility, menstrual health literacy and perinatal palliative care. His most recent initiative is developing an online platform for his own patients (Bouchard Medical Home).

Alongside his clinical practice he has started a part-time PhD at the University of British Columbia focused on menstrual cycle monitoring. For more details on Dr. Bouchard’s research, please see his PhD lab website (Quantum Fertility).

Evidence-based medicine

With 15 years of research experience and over 10 years of clinical practice, Dr. Bouchard endeavours to provide the most up to date advice on medical advances and treatments, with a particular interest in natural approaches to medicine and fertility. 

Healthy Living Approach

Medications are sometimes essential, but optimizing health with appropriate consideration of lifestyle changes, supplements and healthy living for primary prevention are equally important.

Convenient Virtual Services

In order to provide the most comprehensive and accessible care, Dr. Bouchard is now providing secure messaging and videoconferencing along with his current practice of convenience calls and same-day visits.  An online library and blog will also keep patients up to date on the latest medical advice provided by Dr. Bouchard.